Community Involvment

One of the things we desire as a church is to serve our community. As we worship weekly at Fairfield East Elementary, one of the places we seek to serve is within the school. We do that yearly through our Christmas Store (see below), but also through providing special things for teachers and staff, serving with tutoring or Bible studies. Our seeking the good of the community certainly includes the Township and surrounding areas. We regularly serve by hosting a community Easter egg hunt (with the Township) as well as summer movies in the park. As more ways present themselves as opportunities we hope to serve further. Our desire is for the flourishing of our community and so we will not be a church that sits back and is only concerned about the people that come on Sunday, but we weekly pray for our community and seek ways in which we can serve and demonstrate the love of Christ.


Good News Club

Where would you be today if you never heard the gospel? We desire to see people come to Jesus, but they can’t come unless someone tells them. The Good News Club is a ministry started by CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) that visits the local schools to share the gospel with young students through songs, bible lessons, Scripture memorization and games. We meet for an hour and a half, weekly, to teach a group of 3rd to 5th grade students at Fairfield East Elementary School for 12 to 14 weeks total (a fall session and spring session with a break over the holidays). Several of these precious young ones have never opened a Bible, and they are eager to learn how to cope in this messed up world.


Serving Faithfully

Easter Egg Hunt at Millikin/Morris Road Park

Easter Egg Hunt at Millikin/Morris Road Park

Because we seek to faithfully love our neighbor, as a church we continually look for various avenues to be involved for the bettering of our community. Some ways in which we have been involved:

One primary means of serving our schools is through the CHRISTMAS STORE. Partnering with Fairfield East & North Elementary Schools, Fairfield Township, and East Butler YMCA, Living Hope joins in stocking and staffing a Christmas Store held at Fairfield East Elementary. The Christmas Store is a way to help bless our community, as well as restore dignity, while we seek to help break the cycle of poverty. The Christmas Store is one way Living Hope strives to reach into our community with an impact for Christ, providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to shop for gifts for children who might otherwise not have a gift to open on Christmas. This year's Christmas Store will be in December. More information will be coming as we near the fall.